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Ultraschall Portables Farbdoppler-Ultraschall-System C5 EXP

Portables Farbdoppler-Ultraschall-System C5 EXP

inkl. zwei Sonden (Convex & Linear)

This small and easy to use hand-carried color doppler diagnostic ultrasound system C5 exp is for a variety of clinical applications like cardiac, vascular, abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, muscle, SMP, etc. With a powerful software, excellent color images can be obtained.

Efficient workflow

  • User-defined image presets and parameters
  • Quick save image or report
  • Multiple printing solutions
  • One-click full screen

Powerful solution

  • 15 inch high resolution LCD monitor with ergonomic keyboard
  • High capacity images and clips storage
  • Rechargeable battery (li-ion, 11V)

Technical specifications

  • Intelligent management system
  • Lightweight Portable design
  • Application: cardiac, vascular, abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, muscle, SMP, etc
  • Widely used in situations of hospital, emergency, teaching research
  • Multi language: Chinese, English, Spanish, French
  • Customized carrying bag
  • CE marked

Powerful functions

  • B, Biß, 4B, BIM, M mode
  • Intelligent convex expansion technology
  • Speckle reduction imaging
  • MCI (Multiple Compound imaging)
  • Triplex/Duplex live imaging
  • Steering/Trapezoidal imaging
  • Convex Probe Extension lmaging
  • Transparent Color Mapping (TCM)
  • PW, CDFI, POi, DPI mode
  • Variance / lighting imaging (R Flow)
  • Real-time auto Doppler measurement
  • Spectrum Real-time Envelope measurement technology

Multiple configuration probes

Convex array probe, Linear array probe, Micro-convex array probe, Phased array probe, Endocavity array probe, Electronic rectal linear probe, Convex array volume probe (4D) (on request)

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