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Ultraschall Ultraschallgerät, CU30

Ultraschallgerät, CU30

inkl. Linear- und Convex-Sonde

This small and easy to use portable digital ultrasound diagnostic system CU30 is for a variety of clinical applications. With a powerful measurement and calculation software, excellent images can be obtained.

Extensive Ultrasound Scanning Function

  • Large capacity for cine loop, patient information & image storage
  • Multiple image & video save format
  • Simple one-button operation workflow
  • Wide selection of preset exam modes & parameters for optimized clinical image

Professional Ultrasound Diagnostic tools

  • Twins fetus measurement
  • Fetal growth curve
  • Biophysical profi le score system
  • Embedded professional report format and report templates
  • Biopsy guide & lithotripsy guide
  • 3D imaging

Advanced digital technology

  • Digital beam-forming
  • Tissue harmonic imaging for better resolution
  • Dynamic receiving focusing
  • Dynamic frequency scanning
  • Real-time dynamic aperture
  • Smart speckle reduction imaging (SSR)

Technical features

  • Black and white (B-Mode System)
  • 12 inch high resolution LED monitor
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Two transducer connections
  • 16 channels
  • More than 10 GB storage
  • Good connectivity: USB, Video, VGA, HDMI, DICOM 3.0 standard port (optional)
  • Power: AC 200 V ~ 240 V 50 HZ ± 5%
  • Volume: 450 x 440 x 36 mm
  • Gross weight: 10 Kg
  • Net weight: 5.5 Kg

Environmental working conditions

  • Ambient temperature: 5 °C ~ 40 °C
  • Humidity: 35 % to 85 % (non-condensing)
  • Atmospheric pressure: 700 hPa to 1060 hPa

Clinical applications: The device can be used in diverse clinical applications like in gynecology, obstetrics, urology, abdominal, cardiology, and orthopedic surgery.

Extra Accessories available: Convex array transducer, Linear array transducer, Trans-vaginal transducer, Micro-convex array transducer, Sony printer

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