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    JAY-10 (dual flow)
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Medical oxygen concentrators provide concentrated oxygen to patient during treatment. action medeor offers different types of devices to its partners.

To improve the probability of survival, having a reliable oxygen supply is necessary for the care of seriously ill patients. To ensure that potentially life-saving oxygen equipment is available and included in health facilities, action medeor therefore provides medical oxygen concentrators. Medical oxygen concentrators are a suitable and favorable option for administering health centers and hospitals, especially where cylinders and piped systems are inappropriate or unavailable.

These medical devices are based on the molecular sieve (artificial zeolite) method to separate nitrogen from air and extract oxygen. They are self-contained devices that supply an economical, continuous stream of oxygen.

Our devices

action medeor provides different devices according to your the medical needs. The oxygen concentrators are all easy to operate and require only minor maintenance. The stationary medical oxygen concentrators are on roller coasters and can be easily moved. The devices are all equipped with an LCD display showing switch times, operating pressure, present working time and accumulated working time. Additionally, the device is equipped with different types of alarms for power failure, high and low pressure, low oxygen purity and oxygen flow.

Technical data

action medeor oxygen concentrators technical data de

Environmental operation spectrum

Ambient temperature: 10°C – 40°C
Relative humidity: 30 % - 85 %
Air pressure: 700 hPa – 1060 hPa
Altitude: up to 2286 m

Optional functions such as a nebulizer, a pulse oximeter, a reset switch and different types of alarms (low purity, low flow or maintenance), can be provided on demand. All devices are CE certified.