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Articles in Special Packaging PAULA-technical installation + equipment 4000L/day

PAULA-technical installation + equipment 4000L/day

incl. container, electric package + installation

PAULA stands for "Potable Aqua Unit - Lasting and Affordable".

  • Free of bacteria and other pathogens
  • Low costs
  • Easy to install

PAULA is a small water treatment plant for the decentralized production of water around the clock. It is easy to use, has a low power consumption and can even be installed in remote areas. Regular analyses guarantee that the treated water adheres the WHO Drinking Water Standards. PAULA is the right solution for anyone seeking cheap and self-sufficient drinking water supply. PAULA was developed with the objective of improving the decentralized drinking water supply for people in developing countries: quick, safe, accessible, and affordable.

Transport and construction of the treatment plant are easy: The individual components weigh less and can therefore be easily transported to the site. The plant is installed on a reinforced concrete ground slab and can be roofed with wood, steel sheets or any local construction material. After two days, PAULA is ready for operation.

Raw water from rivers, canals, lakes or wells is pumped into the membrane filter tank using the electric inlet pump. There, leaves, organic solids or sand are first separated on a fine sieve. Afterwards, the water passes through the filter with nano filtration membranes by gravity flow: Pathogens and Coli bacteria are completely filtered out, viruses are filtered out to 99.9 %. Following the treatment procedure, accurately metered chlorine is added to the water. Chlorination prevents bacteria and viruses from re-contaminating the water later. Other chemical additives are completely dispensed with. The chlorinated water is collected in a tank.

Please note:
PAULA is planned individually, adapted to the respective conditions on site.
For more details please contact us.

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