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Articles in Special Packaging PAUL (Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving)

PAUL (Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving)

PAUL stands for "Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving" and is a portable water filtration unit for the treatment of water, for example of river or well water, in emergency and disaster context.

PAUL has a membrane filter (~ 10 years lifetime) with about 10 qm filter area. With a pore size of ~ 40 nanometer (0,04 μm), 99.99 % of bacteria and other pathogens were filtered out. With the microscopic small holes in the filter it works as a strainer: water molecules can pass through, whilst bacteria and germs, which are larger, cannot pass and are filtered out. Thus, PAUL is an effective protection against cholera, typhus and other infectious diseases.

PAUL can filter at least 1,200 liter of water per day and thus supply more than 400 people (3 liters per person per day).

Advantages of PAUL:

  • No energy needed
  • No chemicals or consumables needed
  • No operation personal needed: Thanks to a manual with 4 pictograms everyone can handle PAUL easily
  • Only 20 kg weight and portable as a backpack
  • Simple construction without moving parts, extremely robust
  • No maintenance over months, works reliably for years

When used in case of disaster even remote settlements can be easily supplied with a PAUL. It can be transported as a backpack or e.g. be dropped off by helicopter. Compared to the transport of water containers, considerable transport capacities can be made available. Workers and affected people are independent of external supply and can also focus more on other essentials for survival instead of wasting time and energy on getting water.

Content: 1 piece
for kids: nein

Packaging information

Length:40.00 cm
Width:40.00 cm
Height:105.00 cm
Weight:24.000 kg
Article 99030