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Dental Dental treatment unit model DU 893

Dental treatment unit model DU 893


The mobile dental unit DU 893 housed in a solid portable suitcase makes dental treatment possible in a variety of places.

Technical data:
Power Supply: ~ 230V / 60Hz
Dimensions: 45 x 31 x 68 cm
Weight: 28 kg
Power: 550 W
Air flow: 40 L/min

Turbine socket, Air motor socket, Saliva ejector, Ultrasonic scaler, LED polymerization lamp, 3-way-syringe, 1 L bottle for water supply, Waste bottle, Compressor 550 W, Fan, 2 foot control pads

The mobile dental unit is CE certified.
The set of burs and various instruments fit the unit.

Flyer dental treatment

Content: 1 piece
for kids: nein

Packaging information

Length:50.00 cm
Width:37.00 cm
Height:70.00 cm
Weight:31.000 kg
Article 91900

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