A nurse signs a drug box at a pharmacy in Zimbabwe.

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action medeor offers you and your partners on the ground everything needed for basic medical care. All drugs are selected based on on the WHO Model List of Essential Medicines. Our extensive range of products meets internationally accepted quality standards.

Here you can find all information about the medical aid of action medeor - from your first request to our delivery. We want to make sure that all your questions about our work and our product offer will be answered. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1) Who can order from action medeor?

action medeor delivers at cost price to any national and international aid organization and health facility located out of the European Union. Precondition for ordering is the use of goods in accordance to the statutes (mission statement and articles of association). action medeor works exclusively for charitable and beneficial purposes and renders assistance exclusively for non-commercial purposes. Our goods are not directed to private persons.

2) What do I need to complete before my first order?

When you want to order from us for the first time, you have to submit a declaration of recipient. By this, we make sure that the recipient of our products is authorized or entitled to order and receive medicines as a wholesaler or to supply medicines to the public. Here you can find the template for the declaration of recipient.

3) How can I register in the online catalogue?

Only action medeor approved customers and partners can use our online catalog. You can get your own login details from your contact person. If you have never worked with action medeor before, please write to medicalaid@medeor.de or call us at +49 215 697 88-100.

4) What advantages does our online catalog offer you?

  • About 170 medicines and 470 medical supplies are presented to you with daily updated prices, detailed product information, references to supplementary products, and special transport instructions.
  • You can identify medicines that are especially suitable for the treatment of children at first glance because they are labelled with a smiley.
  • The intelligent search function enables you to find the required products quickly.
  • The request of products is quick and easy when using your individual shopping cart - also with your smartphone or tablet.

5) How do I create a request via the online catalog?

Here are a step by step instructions for creating a request: Guide for creating a request.

6) What does action medeor offer in addition to the product portfolio?

Besides our wide-ranging portfolio, our purchasing department procures additional medicines and medical equipment. Individual support is a pillar in action medeor’s work. Our staff is readily available to answer your questions regarding single products and gives individual advice in order to clarify the demand. action medeor offers complete solutions for your medical projects and assists you for example in the calculation of complete hospital interiors.

7) What restrictions are there with regard to transport?

T1-goods: Please keep in mind that this article is under customs control (T1 goods). It can only be dispatched via air and sea freight.

Articles containing batteries: These products cannot be shipped per postal services, as shipping including batteries is not allowed. After consulting our team, it may be possible to ship these products without batteries.

8) How does action medeor guarantee the quality of the products?

A consistent high quality of our medicines obtains top priority for us. Please read more about our effective Quality Management System.