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Diabetes Care Glycohemoglobin Analyzer HbA1c

Glycohemoglobin Analyzer HbA1c

BioHermes A1C EZ 2.0

Easy and accurate portable testing of long-term blood glucose level HbA1c, for better diabetes monitoring in hospitals and at home.


  • Only one drop (~ 3 microliter) of fingertip blood needed
  • Easy to operate in three steps
  • Voice prompt during the measuring process
  • Handheld, battery-driven, portable
  • Automatic storage of 1,000 test results with corresponding test time and date
  • Mini USB interface for easy data transfer


  • No calibration required
  • Test results within 5 minutes
  • No preheating needed before testing


  • Accurate results with CV 3%
  • NGSP and IFCC double certificates
  • CE certified

Results displayed as:

  • % HbA1c (DCCT - preset) or mmol/mol (IFCC)
  • Additional display of eAG in mmol/L


  • 4 AAA Batteries
  • User manual, Operation guide, Cleaning and maintenance guide

pdfFlyer Glycohemoglobin Analyzer HbA1c (667KB, 04.2021)

Content: 1 piece
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Packaging information

Length:15.00 cm
Width:10.00 cm
Height:6.50 cm
Weight:0.390 kg
Please note: This product contains batteries.
Shipping including batteries depends on the destination and the means of transport.
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