New products 2019

New products 2019

To meet your needs, we have extended our range of products for you. From the beginning of the year, we offer the following additional medicines and medical equipment to you:

cetirizine tabs. 10 mg
Article 03110

amoxicillin 1 g + clavulanic acid 200 mg inj.
Article 06150

amoxicillin disp. Tabs. 250 mg
Article 067000

permethrin lotion 5%
Article 14270

haloperidol tabs. 5 mg
Article 25100

Suction unit on castors Kataspir C30
Article 70310

Faeces collection container 60 ml
Article 65370

Once the products are available for you, you will also find them linked below with additional information and price.

Do you want to have more information? Our team is always happy to assist you.