New products 2020

To meet your needs in the following year, we have extended our range of products. The following additional medicines and medical equipment will be available in our standard portfolio in 2020:


paracetamol dispersible tabs 100 mg
article 02310

levetiracetam tabs. 500 mg
article 04050

albendazole suspension 100 mg/5 ml
article 05100

cefixime tabs 400 mg
article 06600

azithromycin powder for suspension 200 mg/5 ml
article 06710

losartan tabs. 50 mg
article 13190

ambroxol tabs. 30 mg
article 26051

magnesium sulphate injection 500 mg/ml
article 27080

calcium gluconate injection 100 mg/ml
article 27100

potassium chloride amps. 14,9%
article 28010

CRAMER Schiene flach, 40 x 8 cm für Kinder
article 55000

CRAMER Schiene flach, 60 x 8 cm für Erwachsene
article 55010

CRAMER Schiene - Polsterschlauch, 8,5 cm x 5 m
article 55020

CRAMER Schiene - Rolle, 500 x 8 cm
article 55030


Oxygen concentrator Compact 525
article 60700

Nasal oxygen cannula for neonates
article 60710

Nasal oxygen cannula for children
article 60720

Nasal oxygen cannula for adults
article 60730

Fine dust mask FFP2 with valve
article 70115

Suction unit on castors Kataspir C30
article 70310

Suction tip for high suction salvia ejector
article 91940

DiaSpect Hemoglobin Tm Analyzer System
article 64880

DiaSpect hemoglobin cuvettes
article 64881

DiaSpect Control Pack HBT4 (L/M/H)
article 64882

Cholera combo test
article 65800

Auto Hematology Analyzer KT-6610
article 66000

Gigasept Pearl for instrument disinfection
article 62397

Full-vision glasses 3M
article 62940

Boots, PVC/nitril, white, non steal-toed, size 39-44
articles 62970-62975

Maternity bed, two part construction
article 40040

Cholera bed for adults
article 40070

Once the products are available, you will also find them linked below with additional information.