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Emergency and Surgery Suction unit on castors Kataspir C30

Suction unit on castors Kataspir C30

with 2 x 2 liter bottle

Powerfull stand model for professional use:

  • Portable suction unit for the aspiration of body liquids, oral, nasal and tracheal aspiration in adults or children
  • Non-stop operation possible
  • 2 x 2000 ml receptacles
  • On a stand with five castors for easy transport
  • Suction hose made of silicone with Aquasafe bacterial filter
  • Main unit equipped with vacuum-meter and vacuum regulator
  • Operation is possible both with disposable suction bags and reusable ones

Technical data:
Motor: Oilless and maintenance-free piston pumpe
High free air flow rate: 40 l/min
Max Vacuum (adjustable): -0.8 bar
Low Noise Level: 61.5 dBA
Warranty: 2 years
Power feeding: 230V-50Hz
Size: 320 x 990 x 30 mm
Weight: 6.20 kg

Content: 1 piece
for kids: nein

Packaging information

Length:54.50 cm
Width:53.50 cm
Height:34.00 cm
Weight:9.100 kg
Article 70310